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PCSX2 is the leading open source emulator for Playstation 2 games. PCSX2 has a unique interface and you can change the settings and plugins according to your wish. Though Version 0.9.7 is a beta, it is recommended over the previous version 0.9.6 as the beta is 100% working and is much more faster and less buggier than 0.9.6. You can also enable speed hacks if the game is laggier or set skip framelimits to boost the game. The only disadvantage of emulators is the lack of smooth gameplay without a good graphics processor. To run the game super smooth, you need to have a high graphics processor. The intel core processors can run the game at pretty good fps. You need to have the .iso file of the game or the game disc on your system's DVD tray in order to emulate the game.

For the detailed guide on how to use and configure PCSX2, visit PCSX2 Guide.

Download PCSX2 for Windows
Download PCSX2 for Linux

For more info and plugins, visit PCSX2.

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