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The purpose of creating this study article is mainly for some of my friends who are in deep fond of starting their own sites. This guide will guide you through the modern methods of website creation, not the ancient HTML method.

Websites have now become a great source of information on the web and on the world. As all of us know, several websites help us in several things. Some websites acts like an encyclopaedia like Wikipedia and some others for crazy shoppers like Ebay. I’m not saying much about and I know it will sound boring. So, these virtual pages are a lot attracting and have become a common gateway for sharing information. Earlier, it was business cards that acted as a contact solution by business employees. Now, they run almost all their work through their websites. People can contact the company, buy or sell items, exchange money…It has actually reduced the amount of work done by humans. And website creation and management have become one of the leading jobs in the present world. Creating a website can not only share your ideas with others, but it has also become a major source of revenue. Confused? Well, I won’t talk about the revenue part right now as this is just an introduction to my tutorial on website creation.

We know that bricks are the building blocks of a building. Just like bricks, HTML can be referred to as the building block of a website. HTML refers to HyperText Markup Language and it is the language used by web for creating a website. Even the whole internet depends upon HTML. HTML was invented several years ago and still with the arrival of new techniques for site creation, HTML still lives and almost all the websites are made up of HTML. You know computer understands through machine language. Just like that, internet understands HTML. Learning HTML means a long task. I’ve already given links for HTML tutorial in earlier post. This guide will not teach you how to use HTML, but shows the modern techniques that will make website creation much simpler. But still, I recommend you to study HTML if you like the world of internet so much. You can’t always rely on the modern techniques as they all are dependent upon HTML. HTML can be very easy to study if you can concentrate correctly. If you just want to make a basic website, you can directly follow the simple creation method in my tutorial.

This is just an introduction. My tutorial will be divided into parts that I’ll post after a specific interval. You can know when the new part is published by following us on twitter or on facebook. Some parts of the tutorial may contain HTML codes that are needed for some functions. If you already know HTML, you can understand more clearly. I recommend you to study HTML if you really want to start a professional website. The site creation in the modern world is divided into several categories. Two of the easiest ones are through software and other websites. This tutorial will show you how to create a website through another website. Some of the leading website builders are wix.com, webs.com, weebly.com and more. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a website using weebly. The first part will be posted soon, almost within 2 days. Within the time, it is best you study some basic HTML functions through w3schools.com.

Sources: Weebly.com, How to Make a Fortune on the Internet by Ajay Ahuja, w3schools.com.

Weebly homepage.

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