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Hi friends,

The Annual Day for HS began at 5PM. The guest was the judge of High Court. She gave a small speech about the education of children. Then there was the prize ceremony. I and a small U.K.G kid was given a honorary award for excellence in studies. For me, it was mainly for bagging first in all the IT competitions and for getting the award from UNSW, Australia. Then started the colorful programmes by the HS students. The most thrilling one was the Mime presented by my friend @Safal and his group. It actually rocked the stage. The drama was boring with pre-recorded sounds and just acting. The dance items were also good. I got home early because my parents didn't allow me to stay too long. And for that, they got what they deserved. There was one more special prize for me that was to be given later by another chief guest after a few tine. So, I missed  that one and lost my chance of appearing on photos!! :( Well, there's the medal from UNSW left for me. It hasn't yet reached our school. So, I'm waiting anxiously for it to come. I guess the program ended by 9 PM. Just good luck and bad luck for me. Well, of course I'll get the prize later but the chance of getting it from a chief guest flew away!! ;)

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