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Hi friends,

The Annual Day for HS began at 5PM. The guest was the judge of High Court. She gave a small speech about the education of children. Then there was the prize ceremony. I and a small U.K.G kid was given a honorary award for excellence in studies. For me, it was mainly for bagging first in all the IT competitions and for getting the award from UNSW, Australia. Then started the colorful programmes by the HS students. The most thrilling one was the Mime presented by my friend @Safal and his group. It actually rocked the stage. The drama was boring with pre-recorded sounds and just acting. The dance items were also good. I got home early because my parents didn't allow me to stay too long. And for that, they got what they deserved. There was one more special prize for me that was to be given later by another chief guest after a few tine. So, I missed  that one and lost my chance of appearing on photos!! :( Well, there's the medal from UNSW left for me. It hasn't yet reached our school. So, I'm waiting anxiously for it to come. I guess the program ended by 9 PM. Just good luck and bad luck for me. Well, of course I'll get the prize later but the chance of getting it from a chief guest flew away!! ;)
Halo amigos!

Today was our school's 6th Annual Day Celebs. Now the half part or the K.G section fest is about to end. The event was inaugurated by the Kannur University Principal and he opened the event by lighting the lamp. The stage was filled with many colourful events especially by the small kiddos of the school. There were dance items as well as songs. Almost all the students of the school attended the event. Chairman addressed the function as well as Principal and Senior Principal. The HS section celeb will only start at 5PM. I had a great time sitting in the computer lab and simply surfing the PC. Well, I'll post the HS details after it has ended. Till then, Adios!!
Hi friends,

I am very happy today as I got one more vital and memorable achievement on my roads to my dreams. I got first rank in the state level competition exam conducted by IAIS, an assessment for Indian Schools in Computer Science. It's a very memorable and important moment of my life. It's the first time I'm getting a state level prize and I'm very happy. Dad offered me a special reward and I'm very anxious on that too. I want to thank everyone today for supporting me and guiding me. My friends - @Safal, @Giviaana, @Anand, @Reshi and many more; my teachers Anitha maam, Teena maam, Sushil Sir and others, My Dad and Mom, God and my never met Guru of IT - Sir. Bill Gates. It's the hardwork that I did since I was a kid to change the world and to begin a new revolution. I guess this will add extra credits to that. You guys too keep focusing on the subjects you like the most. You can also win more than me! Adios!

Results on IAIS Website
Most of us do think that it's better to use pirated softwares than the original one. Even I do think so most times. Pirating refers to the illegal usage of a particular software, it's distribution and modification. Pirated software is liked by almost all persons in this world. Even I, who was brought up in Kerala, a famous state of India saw many pirated softwares before me. I was amazed at the fact that even the computer vendors provided pirated softwares, OS and much more. They simply brings a package of CDs with them containing almost everything pirated. If you take a look at the PC vendors in Kerala, 75% of them maybe using pirated software. The main cause is the decrease of knowledge about softwares in the region. The PC vendors in Kerala are mostly tied upto the basic knowledge of installing OS and softwares, cleaning and repairing small problems inside the PC. They are unaware of this system and continues it regularly. Pirating is liked by most as the softwares which are pirated can be used freely, downloaded freely and without any license. The original softwares do cost much and because of that, we are forced to use pirated ones. But do think before using it! Did you ever thought how much the suppliers would be sad? They must've created the softwares through a lot of hard work and when we are using the pirated version of that, we must remember that by doing this, we are creating unemployment, crash in economy and much more troubles. If you'd have created a software after a lot of hardwork and if someone pirates it and sells it or distributes it, you'd feel sad right? Similarly, when you are using pirated softwares, the creators/manufacturers are facing very difficult problems. This is one of the major problems faced by the IT society. They've not yet been successful in stopping pirating. But the awareness can be seen all over the world. Eventhough we are feeling that it's overpriced, we must remember the lives of hundreds of people at risk. Stop pirating, and stay Genuine my friends! Adios!
Hiya to all followers!

MBlog is just nothing but a shortened form of My Blog. I share my experiences, my discoveries and every moment of my life which I feel to me to share it with my friends in here. So first, I welcome you all to this page. First, I'd like to tell you all about the idea of creating Universalia. Universalia is meant to be for education, boosting and empowering it. The idea was suggested by my classmates, my friends, mainly @Giviaana. Also, I want to thank my friend @Anand for reminding me of the truth that "life is short, enjoy it!” So, then I thought why don't I start it. It would help a lot of people a lot. Oh, and before that, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sangeeth, for an alias, I call myself DrakeZtar. I'm a HS Student and also a pro in IT. I'm not handsome or good-looking and have an extra few pounds ;). I was born into the world of IT and computers are a part of my soul. I'm very keen to learn all aspects of this amazing man‐made invention and have dreams to change and bring it to a next level. So, the site was created when @Giviaana asked me to create a guide and a link for learning Turbo C++. For me, C++ was just as simple as any other things I've studied so far. But not only her, but so many later began pleading to me to make a guide. My bro @Arjun gave me the idea of creating a website for IT education and other cool stuffs. So then I thought I'd make one. And so it gave birth to Universalia. The site meant for education and it’s above and below levels. The things I gave in the site are not fully written by me. I always refer to info externally to give it a perfect touch. The sites I refer to are 100% safe and malware free. Through MBlog, I can tell you all the info related to IT I learned so far. Not the complex ones, but just the ones you need to know while using a PC. So, I request all the users who liked my site to keep on visiting, giving feedbacks through e‐mail, comments and the upcoming forums. We also are creating a page on FB to let you know of all the updates and you can share any information on the site with your friends by clicking on the like or tweet button. So track me anywhere from FB and twitter. I hope the site can be useful to all of my followers. Thanks for those who helped me, gave their support and feedbacks!

The new Next Generation Portable, from Sony. Known by many as the PlayStation Portable 2, the new device was announced at a live event in Tokyo on Thursday.
Sony has entered the gaming world with its family of Playstation consoles which leads both in handheld and gaming systems currently. The Playstation Pro abbreviated as PSP is the leading handheld gaming device in store. At the time of its release 4 years ago, Nintendo, another leading handheld gaming consoles developer was in the lead with the Gameboy and shortly afterwards succeeded by Nintendo DS. During the reign of Nintendo, the PSP came as a thriller and attracted fans to it with the explosive gaming experience and stunning graphics ever seen in a handheld device. So began its legacy and it never got beaten by any new device and still continues in its old form. Although Sony released a modified version of PSP, the PSP Go!, it wasn’t a big improvement over the old PSP. Time changed and now, it’s time for the old PSP to take a new shape. Yes, the next generation PSP is coming to real. Recently, at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced the successor of PSP – The Next Generation Portable or NGP.

The upcoming device is actually surprisingly light, with the dazzling screen taking up a fair amount of real estate on it. The button and analog stick layout feels familiar and comfortable. The sticks themselves feel good; Sony used the term "micro analog sticks," and it seems pretty apt. They have the give that's comparable to the sticks on the PS3's DualShock controllers, which makes them comfortable to use. The shoulder buttons feel a bit thinner than the original PSP's, but they work out well. The touch functionality takes some getting used to, but it works well. It’s actually surprising that the front‐facing touch screen was responsive and not as much of a smudge magnet as expected. The back‐facing touch screen will take some getting used to and seemed to respond best to a light touch. As for the screen itself, the NGP continues Sony's tradition of outfitting its handhelds with head‐turning tech. The NGP screen demolishes the original PSP's, above and beyond resolution. The viewing angle on the OLED screen is more comparable to the latest batch of high‐end mobile phones.

The Games are truly realistic and improved graphics can be seen throughout. Games like Uncharted, Sims 3 and some more titles were shown at the event. The games for the unit will come in two flavors: downloadable via PlayStation Network and in a New Game Media, which sounds a lot like a cartridge and will store games in some sort of flash‐based hardware. The system will have music and video playback capabilities much like its predecessor, although that wasn't showcased at that time. Your PSN ID will carry over to the NGP, which will feature trophy support for games and will work with the Near utility (to track your activities) that was demoed onstage at the conference. The NGP is the most impressive handheld device you’d have ever seen. The device sports a smart industrial design and a stunning screen and packs some impressive features. The pricing of the device is not yet announced but according to expectations, it’ll be between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 30,000. But it’s not decided yet but with the sweet memories of the massive small device at the show, all the gamers would be really excited to get their hands on the NGP.

A view of the front of the NGP, showing its dual sticks, and its front-facing camera.


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