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Halo amigos!

Today was our school's 6th Annual Day Celebs. Now the half part or the K.G section fest is about to end. The event was inaugurated by the Kannur University Principal and he opened the event by lighting the lamp. The stage was filled with many colourful events especially by the small kiddos of the school. There were dance items as well as songs. Almost all the students of the school attended the event. Chairman addressed the function as well as Principal and Senior Principal. The HS section celeb will only start at 5PM. I had a great time sitting in the computer lab and simply surfing the PC. Well, I'll post the HS details after it has ended. Till then, Adios!!
Hi friends,

I am very happy today as I got one more vital and memorable achievement on my roads to my dreams. I got first rank in the state level competition exam conducted by IAIS, an assessment for Indian Schools in Computer Science. It's a very memorable and important moment of my life. It's the first time I'm getting a state level prize and I'm very happy. Dad offered me a special reward and I'm very anxious on that too. I want to thank everyone today for supporting me and guiding me. My friends - @Safal, @Giviaana, @Anand, @Reshi and many more; my teachers Anitha maam, Teena maam, Sushil Sir and others, My Dad and Mom, God and my never met Guru of IT - Sir. Bill Gates. It's the hardwork that I did since I was a kid to change the world and to begin a new revolution. I guess this will add extra credits to that. You guys too keep focusing on the subjects you like the most. You can also win more than me! Adios!

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