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Most of us do think that it's better to use pirated softwares than the original one. Even I do think so most times. Pirating refers to the illegal usage of a particular software, it's distribution and modification. Pirated software is liked by almost all persons in this world. Even I, who was brought up in Kerala, a famous state of India saw many pirated softwares before me. I was amazed at the fact that even the computer vendors provided pirated softwares, OS and much more. They simply brings a package of CDs with them containing almost everything pirated. If you take a look at the PC vendors in Kerala, 75% of them maybe using pirated software. The main cause is the decrease of knowledge about softwares in the region. The PC vendors in Kerala are mostly tied upto the basic knowledge of installing OS and softwares, cleaning and repairing small problems inside the PC. They are unaware of this system and continues it regularly. Pirating is liked by most as the softwares which are pirated can be used freely, downloaded freely and without any license. The original softwares do cost much and because of that, we are forced to use pirated ones. But do think before using it! Did you ever thought how much the suppliers would be sad? They must've created the softwares through a lot of hard work and when we are using the pirated version of that, we must remember that by doing this, we are creating unemployment, crash in economy and much more troubles. If you'd have created a software after a lot of hardwork and if someone pirates it and sells it or distributes it, you'd feel sad right? Similarly, when you are using pirated softwares, the creators/manufacturers are facing very difficult problems. This is one of the major problems faced by the IT society. They've not yet been successful in stopping pirating. But the awareness can be seen all over the world. Eventhough we are feeling that it's overpriced, we must remember the lives of hundreds of people at risk. Stop pirating, and stay Genuine my friends! Adios!

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