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Hello to all followers,

Because of my exams, I wont be updating Universalia from Feb - March. Got lots to study......Anyways, you can view the site whenever you want.
Hiya amigos,

I'm posting this to let you know that the TC++ guide will be updated for the last time for the next few months by this monday. I'm going to include all the portions required for 9th Grade students (Control Structure, Operators, Loops). I will keep updating the guide a after few months after the exam. I request all the followers to keep practicing and giving me feedbacks. If you've any doubts, feel free to post it on the Universalia FB page or mail me at the given address in the help & support page. You can also post it on our forums after it comes live. Adios!
Hi amigos,

I added an interesting link for learning HTML in the simplest way. I want to let @Arjun, @Reshi, @Rahul, @Safal and many others know that I've added what they wanted for. The site I selected was Further details, check the i-studies section. If you've any problem, just mail me, comment or share them on FB page of Universalia! Adios!

Hola amigos!

I have a great and amazing news for all our followers. Universalia has just been introduced to the most popular social networking website - Facebook! Yup, I've created the page for Universalia on Facebook. Join the page and keep updated with universalia on your FB account. To simply go to the page, click the button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep the page updated when more and more interesting topics, news, mblog and softwares appear on Universalia. Simply like our page. Universalia has just became a step closer in achieving more popularity with the new FB integration.
Hi to all the readers!

Weebly has enabled a new support for the sites created in it for sharing them in Facebook and Twitter. If you have already noticed it, you'd have seen 'like' buttons and 'tweet' buttons in some sites. These allows you to share the page or anything like videos, music and so on on Facebook and Twitter so that all of your friends can see it, enjoy it and share it if they wish to do so. This means our site - Universalia has also become integrated with Facebook and Twitter. So, please if you do like any one of my blogs, news, updates, softwares, guides or anything, please do try to share them in Twitter or Facebook. In this way, the site will attract more and more viewers and fans. So I request all the humble fans of my site to share them in your FB or twitter account. To share it, simply click the 'Like' or 'Tweet' button and enter your username and password. Then, you can customize the way in which you'd like to share. If you are already signed in, then you'll directly go to the post page. Thanks to all the fans.

Hi to all the followers!

I have updated the TC++ 4.5 Guide with the new if else ladder and most probably will update it with the loop statements. Loop statements are a bit harder and needs quite thinking. I'll upload more examples, questions and info regarding the topic. If I haven't added it, please do give me some time to simplify it and add it. After all, I'm a student ;) !! Well, I have two words of an advice for all who are keen to learn it - Keep Practicing!! Any doubts, any problems or if you need to solve a particular question, please do comment. I'll create a forum page as s Adios folks!!


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