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After the last maintenance, we have added several new features to Universalia that can simplify your search for your resources. We have added search boxes of two types, one which can search the whole web and the other, only Universalia. So now you can search for your favourite resources in Universalia without scrolling and searching for them. Also, you don't need to go to google and search while using Universalia, just use the web search. The search boxes are available on the homepage and the support page. We are also working on to add search boxes in each page.

Due to some bad server errors, over the last few days, we couldnt add articles. Only a few of the, appeared on the site. This week, we are working on to add more articles to Gamer, Crave and i-Studies. You can follow us on our twitter and facebook page to get the updates. Also, give feedbacks on the new improvements.
Universalia started the Gamer Blog on 3 March 2011. The blog is intended for sharing the latest gaming news, game related info like guides, hands-on, updates, cheats and related to the latest gaming gadgets on store. Just like the Crave blog, Gamer was also intended to be released due April. I request all the followers to comment, share and to send your valuable feedbacks. Much articles will be added by April
Universalia on 3 March 2011 opened the new Crave blog bringing all the latest Tech news from around the world inside. To check out Crave, click Crave from the Blogs menu. I request all our followers to post your valuable comments on the Blog and to give us feedbacks and also to share your favourite articles via Facebook or Twitter. Crave was intended to be released on April but due to sudden needs of repairs, we finished it fastly. More art


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