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MBlog is just nothing but a shortened form of My Blog. I share my experiences, my discoveries and every moment of my life which I feel to me to share it with my friends in here. So first, I welcome you all to this page. First, I'd like to tell you all about the idea of creating Universalia. Universalia is meant to be for education, boosting and empowering it. The idea was suggested by my classmates, my friends, mainly @Giviaana. Also, I want to thank my friend @Anand for reminding me of the truth that "life is short, enjoy it!” So, then I thought why don't I start it. It would help a lot of people a lot. Oh, and before that, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sangeeth, for an alias, I call myself DrakeZtar. I'm a HS Student and also a pro in IT. I'm not handsome or good-looking and have an extra few pounds ;). I was born into the world of IT and computers are a part of my soul. I'm very keen to learn all aspects of this amazing man‐made invention and have dreams to change and bring it to a next level. So, the site was created when @Giviaana asked me to create a guide and a link for learning Turbo C++. For me, C++ was just as simple as any other things I've studied so far. But not only her, but so many later began pleading to me to make a guide. My bro @Arjun gave me the idea of creating a website for IT education and other cool stuffs. So then I thought I'd make one. And so it gave birth to Universalia. The site meant for education and it’s above and below levels. The things I gave in the site are not fully written by me. I always refer to info externally to give it a perfect touch. The sites I refer to are 100% safe and malware free. Through MBlog, I can tell you all the info related to IT I learned so far. Not the complex ones, but just the ones you need to know while using a PC. So, I request all the users who liked my site to keep on visiting, giving feedbacks through e‐mail, comments and the upcoming forums. We also are creating a page on FB to let you know of all the updates and you can share any information on the site with your friends by clicking on the like or tweet button. So track me anywhere from FB and twitter. I hope the site can be useful to all of my followers. Thanks for those who helped me, gave their support and feedbacks!

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