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The new Next Generation Portable, from Sony. Known by many as the PlayStation Portable 2, the new device was announced at a live event in Tokyo on Thursday.
Sony has entered the gaming world with its family of Playstation consoles which leads both in handheld and gaming systems currently. The Playstation Pro abbreviated as PSP is the leading handheld gaming device in store. At the time of its release 4 years ago, Nintendo, another leading handheld gaming consoles developer was in the lead with the Gameboy and shortly afterwards succeeded by Nintendo DS. During the reign of Nintendo, the PSP came as a thriller and attracted fans to it with the explosive gaming experience and stunning graphics ever seen in a handheld device. So began its legacy and it never got beaten by any new device and still continues in its old form. Although Sony released a modified version of PSP, the PSP Go!, it wasn’t a big improvement over the old PSP. Time changed and now, it’s time for the old PSP to take a new shape. Yes, the next generation PSP is coming to real. Recently, at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced the successor of PSP – The Next Generation Portable or NGP.

The upcoming device is actually surprisingly light, with the dazzling screen taking up a fair amount of real estate on it. The button and analog stick layout feels familiar and comfortable. The sticks themselves feel good; Sony used the term "micro analog sticks," and it seems pretty apt. They have the give that's comparable to the sticks on the PS3's DualShock controllers, which makes them comfortable to use. The shoulder buttons feel a bit thinner than the original PSP's, but they work out well. The touch functionality takes some getting used to, but it works well. It’s actually surprising that the front‐facing touch screen was responsive and not as much of a smudge magnet as expected. The back‐facing touch screen will take some getting used to and seemed to respond best to a light touch. As for the screen itself, the NGP continues Sony's tradition of outfitting its handhelds with head‐turning tech. The NGP screen demolishes the original PSP's, above and beyond resolution. The viewing angle on the OLED screen is more comparable to the latest batch of high‐end mobile phones.

The Games are truly realistic and improved graphics can be seen throughout. Games like Uncharted, Sims 3 and some more titles were shown at the event. The games for the unit will come in two flavors: downloadable via PlayStation Network and in a New Game Media, which sounds a lot like a cartridge and will store games in some sort of flash‐based hardware. The system will have music and video playback capabilities much like its predecessor, although that wasn't showcased at that time. Your PSN ID will carry over to the NGP, which will feature trophy support for games and will work with the Near utility (to track your activities) that was demoed onstage at the conference. The NGP is the most impressive handheld device you’d have ever seen. The device sports a smart industrial design and a stunning screen and packs some impressive features. The pricing of the device is not yet announced but according to expectations, it’ll be between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 30,000. But it’s not decided yet but with the sweet memories of the massive small device at the show, all the gamers would be really excited to get their hands on the NGP.

A view of the front of the NGP, showing its dual sticks, and its front-facing camera.
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